Cheap interest rates for loans

Especially in times of low interest rates, it is advisable to fix the interest rate as long as possible. So, when is a loan cheap? Of course, one can of course say that the interest rate should not be higher than the general interest rate on loans – but ultimately Continue Reading

Serious loans for the unemployed

One possibility is the microcredit for the unemployed, but with which only very little money can be borrowed. Apart from the online credit provider Smava, there is only Maxda, one of the largest German financial services provider, which offers a serious loan for the unemployed, without any additional fees, hidden Continue Reading

Swiss credit without Credit Bureau entry

German financial institutions not only make a Credit Bureau request before lending, but also arrange for the lending to be entered by the protection association for credit protection. Borrowing is not registered through Credit Bureau if consumers take out their loan from a Swiss or Liechtenstein bank. The corresponding banking Continue Reading