Are you thinking about extra money? Today, virtually all of us can use the services of loan companies, in which we receive money virtually immediately. Many of them do not require income proof documents. All you need is your ID card, bank account and phone number. But what if you don’t have the first one but you have a driving license or passport? Are payday loans without an ID card possible? Let’s check which lenders offer such products!

Instant payment without ID – what if you don’t have proof?

Instant payment without ID - what if you don

Non-bank loans and payday loans are one of the most common obligations chosen by people who are looking for a quick injection of cash. All formalities can be done online, while avoiding a number of complex procedures known from banks. To receive money, you usually only need: an ID card, a bank account, as well as an email address. In addition, when completing the application, please indicate the income and its source. In this case, only a statement is sufficient. No documentation confirming its credibility is required.

The situation gets a little more complicated if you don’t have an ID card. Losing a wallet, its theft or accidental destruction are the cause of many ambiguities. Is a driving license or passport possible then? Pursuant to the Act of 6 August 2010 on identity cards, it is: “an identity card is a document confirming identity and Polish citizenship on the territory of the Republic of Poland and other EU Member States” 1 . It is therefore not possible to take a payday loan without providing the current data appearing on the identity document!

Without a personal ID, don’t move!

Without a personal ID, don

Loan companies offering loans do not set too high requirements. Identity verification is a key issue for them. Of course, this can also be done with the help of a passport or driving license. However, this ID card contains basic information about the person, as well as information about the document itself. Those are:

  • First name and last name
  • Parents’ names
  • Place of residence
  • Date and place of birth
  • Sex
  • PESEL number
  • Picture of a person
  • Series and ID number
  • Date of issue and expiry date
  • Name of the authority that issued the document.

Driving license and passport are therefore not sufficient proof of identity. Only a personal document performs this function! However, there are situations when it is possible to take out a loan without an ID card. When?

Instantaneous payday without identity card – possible when you know your details

Instantaneous payday without identity card - possible when you know your details

Fast non-bank loans have several features that make them an irreplaceable form of financial support in many situations. One of them is definitely that the time taken to consider a loan decision is definitely shorter than at a bank. Additionally – loan companies do not require real presentation of documents. What does it mean? In practice, an ID card is not required to enter into an undertaking. Only the information it contains is relevant. The loan application must include the series and number of the ID card, as well as the date of issue and validity – which you will not find in your passport or driving license.

That is why people who have already used the company’s offer once have a clear situation. All they have to do is log in to their client profile and sign up for a loan. Then the application is filled in automatically, without the obligation to complete your data again. What about new borrowers? If there are those among them who know the information by heart by heart, there are no obstacles to them being unable to apply for payday pay. In the absence of a document and ignorance of the information necessary to complete the data, it is worth contacting the loan company by phone. Perhaps an equal document, as the proof will be a special certificate issued by the office, through which you will pass a positive verification. It is only important to remember that after receiving a new ID card, you must update the information with the lender.

Passport and driving license loans do not exist!

Passport and driving license loans do not exist!

So none of us will receive financial support by only holding a driving license or passport. Why, if according to the Act on Passport Documents of 4.07.2016 2 – the passport is a document confirming identity and Polish citizenship? Non-bank companies treat ID cards as an integral part of every commitment! The rest of the documents can only further confirm customer information. What else is the condition for a successful loan application?

  • 18 years of age (21 years in some loan companies),
  • Identity card with Polish citizenship and permanent residence in Poland,
  • Identity verification by means of a $ 1 / $ 1 transfer or Instantor application,
  • PESEL number, telephone number and bank account,
  • Having full rights to civil law transactions,
  • Not exceeding the upper age limit – each loan company has its own scope of granting payday loans. In some, the maximum age is 65 years, while in others – 75 or even 80 years.

Loan for stolen evidence – watch out for scammers!

Loan for stolen evidence - watch out for scammers!

Since submitting an application for payday loans online is so simple and flexible – the question comes to mind, is it possible to borrow cash for stolen evidence? Unfortunately, this option is very likely. Especially when the lost ID document got into the wrong hands. Therefore, to protect against possible threats, you must reserve it as soon as possible! In many loan companies, without leaving your home, you can borrow as much as 10,000 from the data provided in the ID. zł. What to do to outsmart a thief who wants to steal another person’s identity?

  • Report the loss or theft of documents to the Police – optionally, you can also do it at bank branches,
  • Restrict data in the Restricted Documents System,
  • Notify the nearest commune authority or consular post and produce a new document.

Loan without ID – where will you get?

Loan without ID - where will you get?

Although the actual loan of money without proof does not exist, there are many companies on the market that, apart from offering the minimum formalities and a quick loan decision, have other assets in store. It is primarily:

  • A wide range of available amounts – loans from several hundred dollars to even several or several thousand dollars,
  • High availability – you can apply for payday loans online, but also by calling, sending an SMS or going to the lender’s outlet,
  • Any purpose – the money can be used for different needs without informing the loan company about its purpose,
  • Attractive interest – especially for the first payday loans for free, where the APRC is 0% – provided that the debt is repaid on time.

Who offers cheap loans? Here is the ranking of loan companies most often chosen by customers! All proposals presented also have the option of a first free loan.

Borrow responsibly!

Borrow responsibly!

The high availability of non-bank loans means that it is used by many people who have no chance of financing in a bank. Therefore, it is worth paying attention to the most important parameters, such as: APRC , fees for any delay in repayment, verification in the debtors’ databases and the maximum time to pay the debt. Only payday pay taken after careful analysis and determining your own financial capabilities will allow you to choose the best offer, becoming a good solution for temporary problems.