One possibility is the microcredit for the unemployed, but with which only very little money can be borrowed. Apart from the online credit provider Smava, there is only Maxda, one of the largest German financial services provider, which offers a serious loan for the unemployed, without any additional fees, hidden conditions and overpriced interest. How does the borrower know which bank is reputable? Sometimes, however, neither the house bank nor other banks or individuals in Austria can get a loan for the unemployed. Loan sharks find it very easy to find a victim out of necessity.

Credit for unemployed

Credit for unemployed

Again and again, the unemployed usually ask themselves whether the granting of loans to the unemployed is also possible in this area: legally there is no rule as to why a loan should not be unemployed in the cities. However, it will be harder to repay in terms of credit, because it is rare in times of unemployment.

Of course, the lenders also know that. Therefore, lenders are always wary of loan applications to applicants who are unemployed. But it is quite possible to get a loan even in unemployment. Get credit despite unemployment benefits! Picking up a loan on the Internet with the ability to get there quickly has become more and more in demand in recent years.

The great popularity of for is based on the simple application, the speedy loan settlement and the prompt processing of payments. In addition, you do not have to choose a house bank for a loan that you apply for on the internet. The application is very simple and fast via an online form possible, in this only all necessary information must be made.

On-line one finds numerous direct and on-line banks, which grant this form of the credit inquiry support, but not every offerer immediately equals a loan for unemployed. If you get a loan despite being unemployed, then of course it is also possible to first check with your bank and inquire there whether a loan is for unemployed.

Applying a loan in your bank

Applying a loan in your bank

Applying for a loan from your custodian bank has the great advantage that you, as a customer, have known for years and therefore already have all the necessary information. In addition, there is a relationship of trust between the bank and the client, so that the possibility of obtaining an unemployment loan is often greater than with another institution.

However, it is not the norm that a loan to the unemployed is granted by a bank. Housing banks often refuse to lend if no company can prove employment and regular income. So you have to get despite unemployment benefits and does not choose this from his bank, but to look for other options.

It makes sense, for example, a loan from private individuals. A personal loan for the unemployed in the federal states can apply via the Internet. This loan is granted by private individuals. Even if the personal borrower is unemployed, many private lenders are willing to grant a loan and therefore have no employment relationship

Private investors also grant a loan for the unemployed in Austria, because they want to help in crisis situations and lucrative interests for reaching the granted loan. A loan for the unemployed in Austria from a private person can be obtained through special portals on which private borrowers and private lenders register.

The investor can realize a solvency request either alone or with other lenders. In the case of unemployment loans, however, it makes sense for the sum to be allocated by several private lenders, because this way the default risk can be shared. But even with a personal loan for the unemployed one can not say with certainty that a lending takes place, since each lender can co-decide on the granting of credit.

So you can also have bad luck and your own credit will not be fulfilled. Another way to get a loan for the unemployed in Austria is to contact a loan broker. The latter can provide a loan for unemployed at a house bank or a private investor.