ITF launches free “Rules of Tennis” app


ITF launches free “Rules of Tennis” app

The ITF, the world’s governing body for tennis, has released a free downloadable and usable app today. “Rules of Tennis” is a user-friendly manual that can help anyone, from casual players to top officials, make the right decision in any given situation.

The app covers everything from basic scoring to acceptable dimensions of on-court advertising and how ITF pace scores are calculated. The search function makes it easy to find a specific rule, and the app also contains all the rules for wheelchair and beach tennis, making it a truly comprehensive guide.

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The nature of online technology means that the app can also be updated in real time, so any rule changes approved by the ITF can be shared with app users as soon as possible. At the very top of the app’s home screen is a ‘What’s New’ section covering full rule changes and trials (like the Wimbledon experience with a 12-12 tiebreaker in the fifth).

In its press release, the ITF states that it is “responsible for protecting the integrity of the game by determining the rules of tennis.” The new app will be an essential tool in communicating these rules, including the latest changes, to the millions of people involved in tennis. The release of the app is part of the ITF’s broader education campaign, which also includes a number of free resources now available through the ITF Academy. This offers a number of short online courses primarily focused on improving coaching techniques.

The “Rules of Tennis” app can be downloaded from Google Play for Android or the App Store for Apple devices. The ITF Academy can be accessed here.

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