New Prince of Tennis game announced for Nintendo Switch


The new prince of tennis gets a new video game for the Nintendo Switch by Bushiroad. The announcement comes from the anime’s official Twitter account.

The last time we saw a Prince of tennis game, that was the title 3DS 2015 The Prince of Tennis II: Go to the top, which didn’t really have a lot of tennis since it was an otome game that mostly involved team management and character interactions. FuRyu has released the 3DS game, but Bushiroad will be in charge of the new Switch title. Konami previously released the Prince of tennis tennis games for Nintendo DS and Game Boy Advance. This means that there is a chance of getting a good tennis match, but given The prince of tennisBig otome fan base, this could easily be another visual novel or otome style title.

No further information is available for the new title, but the tweet says to seek more information from Bushiroad, so it shouldn’t be long before you get a first look and the full title. I should also clarify that the game will be based on The new prince of tennis, the sequel to the original Prince of tennis manga and anime.

If you’ve never heard of The prince of tennis, this is what you would expect from a tennis shounen anime – tennis on mega steroids. Just watch the clip below to see Seigaku captain Kunimitsu Tezuka borrow the Black Materia from Sephiroth to score a point over his opponent:

The new prince of tennis The game is currently in development for the Nintendo Switch.


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