Slinger Bag’s next tennis app will help you improve your technique


Slinger Bag gets a smartphone tennis app that analyzes your technique, offers drills and more. The software is still under development, but you can register to be considered for beta access now.

We reviewed the gadget about a year ago. For those who don’t know, Slinger Bag is unlike any tennis ball thrower. In addition to being less expensive than the competition, it has an innovative design that takes the shape of a tennis bag.

We have tested a lot when it comes to tennis equipment. And in our opinion, the Slinger Bag is the most practical of the bunch because it has the most potential to improve your game. It is a training partner who always wants to play, who never gets tired and who helps you. to gain consistency and develop your strokes.

Soon it will be even better.

Slinger Bag smartphone app

Currently, the Slinger Bag does not come with smartphone software. But the team has worked with programmers, designers, tennis players to find something that seems to be very useful.

The project is currently in beta, but Slinger has shared information and images of the app. You can see them above.

There are four tabs on the smartphone app’s home screen. The first shows a New stream – we guess news related to Slinger and other tennis.

The second is the Drills Region. The company deploys a wide selection of exercises to help you improve your technique. There will be something for everyone because the equipment is suitable for all levels of players. The drills are organized by our array of coach and player ambassadors.

Here is an example of Forehands Inside Out and Inside In exercise. This one in particular is intended for intermediate level players.

The following part of the application allows you Analyze your technique. The AI ​​will review your form from a captured smartphone video and provide information. You will also receive a referral to yourself and how you are improving over time. This will be taken further to show how you stack up against your peers and the best players in the world.

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Finally, there will also be a Social aspect to application. You will be able to share bragging content, learn and share tips, and connect with other like-minded people.

How to get early access to the Slinger Bag app

It all sounds pretty exciting. It could be the missing piece of an already great product.

If you would like to participate in the beta of the app, Slinger has provided a link. This will take you to a short 3 minute survey that you will need to complete. The company will then select the number of existing customers to test the software. The list will be released on June 25.

Those looking to purchase the Slinger Bag at a discount can do so at this link (discount available when you sign up – shipping address in US only). The gadget can also be purchased in UK and a number of other countries.

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