The Apple Watch tennis app that will track your shots


(Pocket-lint) – Swing is an Apple Watch app that uses machine learning to track how you hit a ball on the tennis court, allowing you to benefit from technologies similar to those used at Wimbledon.

The app is developed by former Tesla Engineer Swupnil Sahai who used some very smart algorithms in order to track various shots as you play them on the pitch.

“Over time, we’ve added our own machine learning models to the watch to analyze wrist movement and your swing so that it also tracks hits and swing analysis,” Sahai explained when we caught up with him before Wimbledon.

The app, which is available for free but with the option to sign up for more advanced features, also allows you to keep score and how you earned the point. This way you know who is winning at a glance.

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It also means that when you combine winning point data with swing analysis, the app can determine which are your most effective and winning shots. It will also give you detailed statistics at the end of a game to see if your lob, smash or drop shots were more effective.

“Neural networks have reached a point where you just need to get a diverse array of data from a number of players. From there, we can determine what kind of move you made,” Sahai added. .

“A human could do all of this, but it would be very tedious.”

The Apple Watch app is just the start. Sahai told us that he and his team are already working on the next version. It will use the iPhone to add computer vision and machine learning so it can track the ball on the court as you play, without investing in specialized equipment.

This Hawkeye-like technology, which is similar to what another developer is doing with the HomeCourt basketball app, is already attracting interest from tennis players and investors. Former top-ranked tennis star Andy Roddick is one of the backers of this new venture.

You can listen to the full interview in the latest episode (ep.9) of the Pocket-lint podcast right now.

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