TTA to receive wheelchair tennis equipment


Tanzania Tennis Association (TTA) President Dennis Makoi said yesterday that the ITF has agreed to send the wheelchairs that will help develop the sport in the country.

“Yes, we are looking for a customs clearance agent, wheelchairs are expected in the country on July 25,” he revealed.

“We are happy that it has been confirmed that they are coming, the wheelchairs will help improve and develop tennis among disabled tennis players in the country, we thank the ITF for the donation,” he said. he declares.

The wheelchairs, which are of modern standard, come in three sizes, small, medium and large, and will be used by wheelchair tennis team players and small will be donated to the Army Center Hi to Kurasini, Dar es Salaam for the development of junior players. ”

In a previous interview, he said that the Salvation Army Kurasini Center has a steadfast junior tennis development program, hence the need for the center to have modern small wheelchairs.

He stressed that the remaining equipment (medium and large wheelchairs) will be used only for training and tournaments, insisting that no individual player should own them.

Makoi expressed his gratitude to the ITF for the donation, saying the cash-strapped TTA would not have been able to purchase them on their own as they are very expensive.

He said the wheelchairs would help the country produce many wheelchair tennis starlets who can represent the country at international events.

He said the TTA has a number of plans for wheelchair tennis, a situation that gives him confidence that the country will produce many better wheelchair tennis players.

“It is always possible to produce good wheelchair tennis players. It’s just a matter of having the right structures in place, having the right support in place and making sure that there are a good number of players and also a good number of local tournaments to give players a chance to play the game, ” he disclosed.

“The players also have to play a lot of local and international competitions,” he said.

The Tanzanian national wheelchair tennis team is among the top 10 teams on the continent. The team has represented the country at many top international events where the team’s players have performed well.

Tennis is a great sport which allows able-bodied players and their disabled counterparts to play together and against each other. The court, rackets and balls are the same for both. The only difference is that a wheelchair tennis player gets two rebounds.

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